It's a Dossia!

Made by  you , for you

Hey, it's Dossia

We’re on a mission to help you manage your chaotic good* through stationery solutions and so much more ;)

* Chaotic Good

A delightful sense of busyness while delicately balancing on the verge of being overwhelmed.

* Chaotic Bad

A sense of overwhelm and a loss of control over one's situation, surroundings or feelings.

What will your Dossia have?

It's a Dossia!

It’s the Inside that Counts

Dossias only come in 2 exclusive colours - Red and Black.

(But keep your eyes peeled for limited-edition colours)

Custom, meet Curation

We’ve created and curated templates and components that allow you to make a one of a kind dossia.

Did someone say “maverick”?

Spoilt for Choice

Whatever your goal, profession or purpose - there’s countless ways to make your dossia one of a kind.

And don’t worry, we’ll help you every step of the way

Back for More

Every single dossia you create is saved on our platform, so you can repurchase it, edit it or share it whenever you want.

Time to rip off the clean girl bandage...

If you're like us, your life will always be a little chaotic.

No matter how many planners or diaries you buy, you’ll continue to stress-cry, eat your body weight in snacks and procrastinate the important things.

So instead of offering a bandage solution that won’t fit your needs, we dove head-first into the messiness and built a custom stationery solution, designed to help make a little more sense of your chaos.

Our entire mission lies in giving you the power to make a dossia that works for you, and allows you to fill every page with things relevant to you.

Keep scrolling to get (some of) your shit together

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